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Helping Women Find Passion and Purpose in Life

Helping Women Find Peace, Healing, Meaning and Excitement 
While Growing and Expanding their Relationship with God.
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How Coaching Can Help You:

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When you change your perspective and renew your mind, your life will change!
"As we come to know Him, our minds are renewed in accordance to that knowledge of Him..."
- Romans 12:2

Hello, I'm Desha

I'm a professionally certified life coach, and I help to provide tools, strategies, and support to help women to find meaning, purpose, healing, and peace in life.

Perhaps you're ready to begin a next step in your journey to discovering things that are already inside of you.

I can say that I've been there.
I'm familiar with feeling stuck and confined.  I'm familiar with feeling lost in life, and I'm familiar with being in a career that wasn't for me.  I'm familiar with addiction, perfectionism, loss, eating disorder, and so much more.

When I made a profound change back in 2010, I began to discover who I was, what I liked, and what sparked a flame inside of me.

I began to find meaning and found out so much about myself, including my love for nature, and from there, photography emerged.  
I had no idea I had that inside of me.
It's been a beautiful outlet, and ended up becoming a business for me.

I began living the life that I'm meant to live, and began to appreciate life from a new perspective.

I had people that helped to show me the way, and I want to help other women find their way.  It's part of my calling in life, and I love it.  I have peace, meaning, and am truly living out my purpose in life.


Find Connection

Have Peace

Feel Purposeful

Have Meaning

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