About Coaching

We all have purpose in life.  Many of us have trouble realizing that there is purpose in everything we do. We have trouble recognizing who we really are and where we fit in. Everyday distractions block us from living with acceptance that leads us along the path to discover the person we really are, and how we fit into this world of ours. “Who am I, really, and what do I want to do?”


Living outside of your true identity can make you feel lost.  It can make anyone feel anxious, stuck and hopeless. It will lead to decisions that truly aren’t meant for you or your life.


Coaching focuses on accessing a your hidden sources of power and wisdom in order to live in alignment with who you really are.*

Perhaps you’re someone who is looking for encouragement, guidance and connection. Surprise -  the answers are already inside of you!  Let me guide you to those answers as you learn to listen to your heart.

When you begin living a life of your true purpose, you will find peace, meaning, you will have a feeling being grounded and content under any circumstances.  Your life will have direction and purpose, and you will feel true contentment.  You may even get excited about your life!

Individual coaching is done typically over the phone, giving the greatest flexibility for scheduling. It also allows you choose an environment where you’re most comfortable. I work with you cycles of 90 days, talking one-on-one, once a week.


Typically, to experience profound change requires a minimum commitment of 90 days. Studies show lasting changes occur at a minimum of 90 days, and possibly more. After your first 90 days, we will see where you are and how you feel, and if needed, continue by designing a plan to expand and cement your purposeful, peacefulness and contentment.


* Coaching is not therapy. Coaching focuses on planning and personal growth to move forward.  It does not attempt to heal emotional trauma. Coaches regularly refer clients to other professionals for issues that are better suited to a therapeutic relationship. Coaching is often a great complement to therapy and other supportive groups and activities.