About Desha

Desha is an inspirational speaker and published photographer based in Pennsylvania. She has a love for life, and through her work, she seeks to capture this love. Her photography gift emerged through her sobriety, and her faith helped solidify her path.


Desha's work has been showcased in newspapers, brochures and magazines, and she has sold and continues to sell numerous prints through her business.  She believes her gifts are meant to be used to help others. In addition to photography, Desha has also begun to share her life story with others and has watched her story help illuminate the possibility of pathways for others struggling with addiction in some form.

Desha is a graduate of Moravian College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management and a minor in English. She began speaking about her story of drug and alcohol addiction publicly, after feeling it is part of what she is called to do. She has shared her story through various programs and churches and has had a dramatic effect on the people that have heard her story.

Her faithful sidekick, Bella, a shelter/rescue dog, has been on her journey also and has accompanied her on and through her path to sobriety. Desha believes that a life surrounded by positive, good individuals is one of the key components of her path to recovery.

As Desha explains, “It's all about experiences, stories, strength; moments, and connecting. It's about appreciation. It's about making a difference. It's simply about life, and living the life that we are meant to live. If one person can be helped through our efforts, then I believe the job is done”.

Desha & Bella