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A few great things from today

-We got to sit out in the sun a bit today, in shorts. It was gorgeous

-I found a tick borrowing in the back of my leg (that's not the "great" part). I went to the urgent care center, and the PA asked me if I was allergic to anything. He asked again, then before he removed the tick, he asked me once more to be sure, due to something he was using. I jokingly said, "Yes, I'm allergic to alcohol". He stopped and turned and said, "Really?" I couldn't continue with a serious face, and just laughed and said I'm almost 7 years sober. He got a kick out of it and said it's great.

-I saw a couple today that I haven't seen in quite a long time. They commented how great I look and how happy they are for me with the changes made in my life. I remembered how they used to go out for haddock every Friday, and asked if they were on their way for haddock. They were stopping at Walmart, then going for their haddock. That was pretty cool.

-I stopped at the gas station today, and was talking with a friend outside, and a gentleman came over, handed me some bones, and said to give them to my puppy. Bella was a happy camper when she got one. Oh, my gosh, they were big!

-The lens I had posted earlier today sold fairly quickly.

-We got a logo! A nice simple logo.

-Had dinner with an awesome family tonight, got to discuss some things, including a few struggles and how God worked on, and continues to work on them and in our lives.

Also got to sit down with the husband (a pastor), and we were looking something up in his Bible. He has the Bible that I recently purchased, but wasn't quite sure how to use yet. He was able to show me some things. I was totally thrilled. Their young kids were awesome, too, and I was pleasantly surprised how hard it was to leave because they kept talking to me, and hugging me. It was great. What good things happened in your day?

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