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Rain. How do we see it? So often, when it's raining, we complain- "ugh, it's raining again". "I hate the rain". "It's so dreary"... "it's so depressing". "it's miserable out there". It can be so inconvenient for us, too. I get it. I really do. BUT- what if we change our thoughts and how we think about it, and how we see it? Ever sit and just listen to the rain, even for a brief time? It can be so peaceful. It gives life. It washes. It replenishes. It makes the greens, greener. It It is so powerful and persistent, as we see so often. But it is also gentle and calming. It can be so invigorating, and just create a whole new feel. It makes cool and beautiful patterns in the water, gives us reflections, and makes for a different type of photography. How many movies that are produced wet down areas for specific scenes, to create a certain type of effect? And not to mention- we NEED it. We cannot go without it. We complain when we don't get enough, and we complain when it falls. Stop complaining. Start enjoying. Start seeing with new eyes. It's a gift.

I used to love running in the rain, when I was a runner. It just gave me a whole new feeling, and I didn't think at all about being hot or tired. Even today, I put on rain boots when it's raining, and even make it a point to walk in puddles.

And think of this- we live in a closed circuit here on earth, so to speak. Water has never left the earth's atmosphere; it didn't go anywhere else. Evaporation, condensation, precipitation. The same water that was here over 2000 years ago still habitates the earth. And to go along with that, and with my own personal faith-- to think that the same water that touched Jesus when he was baptized in the Jordan, possibly has or will touch us when we get rained on. Maybe one of those drops has fallen on us. How amazing and powerful is that thought?

Anyway, just some thoughts on the rain. I absolutely love it. The details in the day may not matter so much, as how we perceive them.

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