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Some Random Thoughts to close the day, 6/24/17

Some Random Thoughts to close the day: -Life is such a gift. All life. Treat it as precious. -I am just so amazed at some of the skies we are given. -One photo session yesterday, one today, and two tomorrow! -The girl from the photo walk today seemed thrilled! It's such a joy to be able to do these things for people. I'm so into it. -Getting a Bethlehem Steel tour set up. Stay tuned. This will be soooo great! -One metal print sold, one inquiry, and also a train print on the way out the door. Wheeeee! -Sometimes I think I care too much about some things I shouldn't. -Life is such an on-going process. Once we realize it, pressure can decline, and even diminsh. -Sometimes I still let others get the best of me, but thank you, God, that You are helping me to see this, and to be able to shake it off and re-center. Sometimes it takes longer than others, but overall, it can happen. -This sunset at Pine Point, Maine, was given the last night we were there in 2015. I felt so unbelievably blessed to witness such beauty. It was surreal! -I wish others could just let go of things in this world, and experience life above and beyond the things in the world. It's amazing. -I was (and still am a bit) stuck in a rut, but slowly it's lifting. But the important thing is, that it's not getting the best of me, and I know it will pass, and I will be stronger in many areas in my life. I am so grateful for it, and trying to enjoy the ride with it. -Pain is the touchstone of spiritual growth. I love it, as much as I can hate it at times. lol But it definitely works out for the greater good, and as I remember that through it all, it helps to put ease in my mind, and in my heart. -We can be so hard on ourselves. -The easier we can be on ourselves, the easier we can be on others. -When not sure what to do, don't do anything. Pause, wait. Pray. The answer will either come, or it will pass (which may just be the answer, too). -There is absolutely no reason to pick up a drink or a drug. It doesn't make anything better. In fact, it robs us of so much, and it robs us in so many ways. -I hope to get to New England again soon, but right now, I am continuing to focus on what I have to do here to keep my house. lol And to keep food in Bella's bowl. -I love watching her wade in the water. She melts my heart. -I stayed in bed longer than normal yesterday, and I heard the pitter-patter of little paws coming up the stairs and across the hall to my room. It's a beautiful and touching sound. -I really hope you enjoy the photo. It was a beautiful and unforgettable night. Just after sunset at Pine Point, Maine.

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