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I love to write. I love to share, whatever it may be, that is floating through this head of mine. Be it on my "recovery" from alcohol and drugs, recovery in any other aspects of life, about my life and things going on DURING my active addiction, my Faith in God; in Jesus. Or be it day to day things, Bella, my fears, my joys, my photos, my struggles, etc... including "Random Thoughts"! For me, the base of it all is my Faith. It's not always the easiest thing to put yourself out there, but if I put ME aside, and do it for the benefit of others, it's very freeing, and I find peace with it, which tells me it's the right thing for me to do. It's different for everyone. This happens to be a part of my path. I love sharing. I love it- no matter what others may think, say, or do (or not think, say, or do). I refuse to remain in the bubble in which I once was, in the way that I was- which was basically to try to please everyone. And in all that, I pleased no one. And I was miserable. Just take what works, and leave the rest, if need be. Every time I do something- in anything I do- I try to keep God at the front of it, whether I say it, or not. He put the desire in my heart to do what I am doing, and it would be very self-centered and egotistical to go against what I believe He wants me to do for Him, and for you. In any- and everything we do, we can do it for others. Even though I get paid for some of what we do and for what we have to offer, the heart of it all is still to be of service in some way. A worker is worthy of his wages. I hope you are enjoying our journey (that includes you and your own journey). You are all a part of it, regardless. This is a photo taken at Nauset Beach in Orleans at the Magic / Golden hour, just before sunrise, back on November 1st. I love abstracts more and more, and panning this scene with a bit of an open shutter gave me just what I hoped for, and love. This is one of many we captured that morning. We- you, and me. I could not have done this alone. And none of us have to. Enjoy. Feel free to contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share.

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