• Desha

A Nice Surprise

We had a nice little surprise today. In my mailbox, there was an envelope. On the front, it said "Giving Tuesday" with my name on it, and on the back it said, "God has blessed me so I could share my blessings with you.", and when I opened it, there was some money in it. I was so touched, and my gosh, anything helps right now. And even more amazing- is that I totally see God's hand in it- between my circumstances right now, and with a call I had made yesterday, and then this today... kind of affirms yesterday's call. I also know who it was, although it was to be anonymous. This person, in a round-about way, had to do with that phone call that I made yesterday. And her birthday happens to be today. Here she is, on HER birthday, giving a gift to me for "Giving Tuesday." I cannot wait for the day that I can do these kinds of things for someone in need. But all we can do something with where we are at any given time. Remember- we can all do something- different things. If we all did the same thing, nothing would get done, anyway. We can all make a positive difference. Remember- that includes you. We also got to see some former co-workers today, and it was great. Bella is tuckered. She is on her bed, almost asleep. She has perked up so much and seems to be feeling better. She melts my heart. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy...

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