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December has been a busy month for me over the years. Been to rehab twice in this month in the past, and it's when I had my DUI, as well. Back in the beginning of December of 2007, I got pulled over after running a stop sign and apparently almost hitting a mayor of the town where I was pulled over. As soon as I saw the lights behind me, which was right after I ran the sign (so the officer must have been right there), I knew I was done. The officer asked if I had been drinking, and I didn't lie, and said I had been. And what I remember drinking, was insane, and I should have never been behind that wheel. Anyway, I had to get out and do the drill, and failed. I remember having on boots with heels, which didn't help, but at that point, I could have been in my bare feet and I would have stumbled. Handcuffs, back of car, and to the hospital we went for blood work, which I didn't refuse. I'd automatically lose my license for a year if I had. I was so embarrassed walking into the hospital, and hoped I didn't know anyone, which I don't think I did. We sat there for a bit, and I was crying. I remember the one officer finally took off the handcuffs and said that he didn't think I was going anywhere. I joked a bit with him and said, "especially not with these heels." I felt like my life was over. What would people say and think? How will I get to work? Why can't I just stop? There were 2 officers there with me, and the one said how maybe my blood work wouldn't come back too bad. I knew better, though. I remember asking them if there was any way to keep it out of the newspapers. I didn't want anyone to know. lol Geez. I got the blood work done, and didn't have a ride home, so the one officer drove me home because I didn't have enough money for the one cab service we had around our area, at the time. I remember talking with the officer on the way home, from the back of his car, and actually told him that it probably worked for the best (that this happened), and that I was glad that I didn't kill anyone. Or something to that affect. He dropped me off, and that was it. I was a mess over it. A few days later, I had stopped drinking for a whopping 11 days. It had scared me. But not enough to stay stopped. I picked back up after those 11 days, and off to the races I went, once again. I didn't hear anything for months, literally, so I had hoped that somehow my info either had gotten lost, or that it was dropped, for some reason. BUT, in March, I finally received my court info, and alas, my blood work came back at a .289. I am not proud of this, and it is downright scary that people like that- like I was- are on the road. I lost my license for 2 months, paid a lot of money, and made it through. I really want to thank that officer one day, for doing me a favor. He also possibly saved someone's life, including mine, and also may have just given me a bit more ammo to eventually get sober, which I had no idea was in my future at the time. I'm working on getting his name, and hope that I have the privilege of doing so. Photo from the sunrise at Old Orchard Beach from back in October. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy!


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