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Unexpected Surprises

The most unexpected surprises are just waiting out there for you. We were at the lake tonight, taking a few pics of the sunset and the clouds, appreciating the scenery we were given. All that time, I was thanking God for how beautiful He is, and how He shows himself. I can't get enough, and He was really showing His stuff! I saw a small break in the clouds closer to the horizon, so figured we'd get back to the car and just go to a different spot to try to capture the sun dipping down into that spot and it set, but 'Bella' had a different plan. She wanted to take a longer loop back to the car, so I went with it. I even said something along the lines of how this is more important, and it's all good. One thing I vowed to do going forward, is to not let photography get in the way of my relationship with her, or what may be good for her. It has in the past a few times (or so I feel), where I've rushed her and such, and I hate myself after I do that. I felt great about letting her do her thing, tonight, and she seemed to have a "smile" in her eyes. So, we took the long way back to the car, and I was completely content in watching her run, sniff, and just be so happy. She'd stop, sniff, and then run to catch up with me and run right past me. She'd sniff something, then get excited (or my perception of her getting excited) and hop and run. So many enjoyments she brings. Anyway, we got back to the car, we drove to another spot at the lake, and saw the scene, and just turned around in the lot and figured we'd get back and feed her. It was cold and want anything I wanted to really capture. So we were driving down this road, Lentz Trail, and OMG- this scene was in front of us as we came around a small curve in the road! I completely forgot about the full moonrise tonight! I even spoke with a friend earlier today about it, and the times and all. Geez! But apparently, God didn't forget, and I let him lead, for us to capture this! I never in a million years, would have thought about this area for it! It looked HUGE and I just couldn't do it justice with the camera, but did the best I could at that moment. I didn't have my tripod out either, so I did my best with hand-holding it. I didn't have my longer lens, either, but did the best I could! I was in the middle of the road watching for cars, anyway. It was nice because the cars were scarce tonight. I just could not believe it. "Oh my gosh, God!!!" I was in awe. I was thanking Him again, and again. These kinds of happenings remind me how God really can work in our lives, with something that could seem so simple. This is just one thing, though. And the little things to us, aren't really little to Him. He doesn't put sizes on things. He just wants a relationship with us, and to acknowledge Him in everything. And yes, even through the tough times. I am just so amazed and overwhelmed by Him. And I am just so darn grateful. New Year's Day Moonrise, first moonrise of the year! Lentz Trail, Jim Thorpe. I can't wait to try this again with a tripod. lol Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy!

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