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Some Random Thoughts!

Some Random Thoughts to close the day- it's been a little while! Some of you know (and if you don't, you will, now), that I am sober for over 7 years, now. I love to write, and I love to share on sobriety, life, my Faith, any or all of the above, in hopes to help someone out there, be it "in recovery" from drugs / alcohol, or in life. We are all most likely recovering from something, anyway. I don't want to lose sight of that part of what I am do is to write and speak, especially when I get words and messages from people, on how what we are doing, has helped someone. It's not me that really does it- but I am a tool. We are tools. lol! Hammer-time! 😉 The things I've learned through life, my alcoholism, and the change in my life to a better path, applies to life, in general. My life isn't about not drinking or drugging, but about living, and living a different way. But I am grateful for the bottom that I had in my addiction, because it helped give me a new way of life, that I would never have had. I was a mess on the inside before the drugs and alcohol began. The addiction was the last straw, and helped to give me some insight to myself, to life, and to God. I try to live the way that God would want me to live. I am so grateful to have had that hell on earth, because it has given me such a different and beautiful perspective on life. It also helps give the ability to try to make a difference for someone. We all have that ability, because of our own experiences. All of it can be used- be it in simple conversation, the workplace, writings, etc.. Life is not always going to be easy. It doesn't have to be. It's not always going to go the way we want. We are guaranteed challenges and trials in life. But we are also all over-comers. We get through the trying times, and on to the next. We have mountaintop experiences, as well as the valleys. We need both to appreciate. Here are a few more thoughts, in no particular order: -I am trying to live without regrets. Although I'm sure I will have some, they won't be what they would have been, had things not changed. - I try to live a life for Bella, and to help her have the best life she is able, while we have each other. She is my responsibility, and I am privileged to be her caretaker. We are to care for our loved ones, for the earth, and all things on it. - I have learned so much from her, it's amazing. My eyes were opened- to her and her teachings, to God, and to a better way of life. - I never in my life thought I'd be able to be in a healthier relationship. Mine were pretty bad, because I wasn't well. Neither were the others. Made for a crazy and downright toxic and twisted life. It was what I was drawn to, and I didn't even realize it. Two sickies don’t make a well-ie. - I love to laugh. - I love that I can express myself in a healthier way than ever. That was part of what kept me where I was (that I didn't know how). - I was in quite a rough spot before the holidays. But some of that has been lifted, and I feel a lot lighter, again. My situation hasn't necessarily changed, but something clicked in me and I don't know... I am totally trusting God, I guess you could say. Feels pretty darn good. I sure as heck don't trust myself. - I just love the colors and softness of this scene. I can't wait to see it again... This was taken at Hardings Beach in Chatham, MA, back in December. Such a beautiful and peaceful place. Feel free to contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. EnjoY!

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