• Desha


Our motives really play such a huge role in our lives, and how we live, and some of the “why” behind it. We live in such a hurtful and hateful world- it’s broken and totally flawed. But we also live in a beautiful and loving world. It’s a given that we have both. To which are you contributing? Which do you want to be? Check your motives. Ask yourself what is truly the reason to do or say something. Are you doing things to get to others, to make another jealous, to bait someone to react to you or your words/posts/comments? Even good words can be used with those motives (which are selfish), too. Or are you motivated by truly helping another for their benefit, or to live the way you were meant to live? In the way God would want you to live? Are you coming from a place of love? Hope you guys have a fabulous day, and go make a difference!!!! Cell photo, 100 Mile View in Jim Thorpe.

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