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This is a bit hard:

Good evening, All! As some of you may know, I have been struggling tremendously, financially. I have been tossed with this, literally for months, and I keep coming back to asking for help. If I learned one thing through my addiction, it's to ask for help. It's a way of humbling yourself, and for me, is also a way to remember that I can't, and don't have to, do this thing called life, alone. None of us have to. Prints have been selling, and the photo walks that have been put together have been so very helpful, and have gotten us through the past few months. I'm also cleaning two churches, but it's just not enough. But I'm not giving up. I'm still taking some steps forward to try to gain momentum, and also to eventually begin some kind of outreach. Maybe this is a step in that. I have even been working on a mission statement with some people, and as of now, it's along the lines of, "To encourage people to become who they are meant to become, and not get distracted by the world." It reminds me of the Bible verse about not conforming to the world, but be transformed by the renewal of our minds, and that's continual. To not get caught up in people and things of this world; to not be so influenced, that you lose who (and Whose) you are.

And also part of this, is to inspire whatever way someone may get inspired from our photos, videos, and messages. My house is for sale, but it's not selling (yet), and honestly, I still hate the thought of it right now. It's all Bella knows, and she's in her golden years. I hate to uproot her. She also doesn't have to go up steps to get in the house. If I can stay here yet, I will, and would like to, until things change in that way. Most of the feedback so far on the house, is how much work there is, that needs to be done. That's the truth- there really is a lot that needs work here. I even worry at times, that something will happen. So, if anyone knows of anyone who does that remodeling stuff like on TV, please send them our way! Anyway, I've tossed a few things around, and one thing that keeps coming back to mind, is to just- ask. So here we are, asking for help. It's not easy, and it makes you vulnerable. But I still believe in what we are doing, so I'm not giving up. What I'm thinking is if anyone can donate to us to help with the bills for February (we barely made it through January... by the skin of our teeth), for any donation $25 or greater, we will send a 5x7 print (I'm thinking a choice between a train, a lighthouse, or a beach pic- maybe this one?). Does that sound like something that may work, do you think? Also, we are available to come and visit, and even tell our story- be it schools, churches, youth groups, we even spoke at an eating group so far. Each time it's been tailored differently, depending on the group. I wouldn't be asking if we didn't need it, but we are at the point where we could use some help, and I'm not afraid to ask, anymore. Uncomfortable, yes; afraid, no. I also have calendars left, and am dropping the price to $10 a piece for either the Jim Thorpe one, or the Calendar for Life, which are in the albums here. Hard to believe that we made it through my addiction without this kind of financial difficulty, and here we are, almost 8 years sober, and now I'm struggling, and it's ok- I know things will be ok. It's a part of life. Life on life's terms. But I'm not letting it stop me, or paralyze me, and some days it almost does, to be honest. The fear of all this has basically left, but it creeps in from time to time. I love life, and things are working in many areas, but I'm not quite there financially, yet. Thanks for any feedback. If you do decide you want to help out, my site has a "donate" button, and this blog is also there. If you do that, let me know which print you'd like- the winter steam train, the rainbow over Portland Head Light, or this one. I'm not a 501c yet, but who knows what may come from this. Peace be with you all, and thank you for considering.

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