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A Little Note of Thanks, and some thoughts:

A Little Note of Thanks, and Some T

A Little Note of Thanks, and Some Thoughts: Good evening, all! We just want to thank you so very much for the words, help, prayers, and all you've done. I can tell you that it's amazing what people-- you-- can do to help another, and you can see how much good is still in this world of ours. I can tell you that I have a separate account for what we received, and will be used for the intended purpose. I can also tell you that at times when I see someone in need, I try to help, and usually out of my own pocket. So if that happens, I will also take from what was given for those purposes. Some examples of what we've done so far (and please- this is not for a pat on the back, but to just reassure you if you need or want it, and to let you know a little of how the contributions will be used- the intended use for us, and a little beyond, if we can- trust): bought food for someone one the street, more than once. This included someone with a dog. And if you remember, under the 100 strangers album, I even wrote about one of our encounters with a young man and his dog, at a gas station in Massachusetts. Bella gave her blanket to the dog ;) Helped people at a grocery store when short on cash, and they were a bit over their limit with the groceries they were buying. Bought a train ticket for someone to get back home after a long discussion and prayer. I also love to give study Bibles to people when I feel it's right to do so, and always have one or 2 on hand. I hope you get the idea, without me going into any more. One thing I can tell you, is when you ask for help, you make yourself vulnerable. I had to do it in my alcoholism and addiction, and I continue to do so when truly needed, as hard as it can be. When I wrote the blog about it the other night, Bella came in to me at the computer, from her bed. Usually she is out by then, but she came in and stood by me at the computer with those big brown eyes. That really said a lot, with the timing, and how she never does that! She's usually out for the night once she's out there. When you put stuff out there, or ask for help, you become vulnerable- to the negative, but also to the positive. I know when people change from drinking, some are not with them- be it family, friends, etc. You become subject to criticism, or skepticism from others, and it happens all the time. It happens, regardless, I think, but when we are in that state, we become a bit more sensitive. I had it happen this time when we asked you for help. I could choose to listen to the few negative and skeptical comments (which is so easy to do, isn't it?), or look at all the blessings, and see God in it all... just look up and say a big ol' "Thank You, may all this be for You." I have some great mentors that helped me and even prepped me for it, and even now, I need reminding to not overthink it. It's awesome So, with that also being said, we make ourselves open and vulnerable to POSSIBILITIES! Opportunities! Blessings!!! This happens in sobriety, and beyond, and it's continual! We can bless people in different ways- some do it financially, some do it with words, time, etc. I felt blessed to see the out-pour of love and support, not just toward us, but toward each other and toward Bella. One woman even said, "Total strangers have helped me when I reached out for help, now is my opportunity to pay it forward. " That's exactly what I intend to do, as we go forward, and grow. As we go and grow! I so very much want to do this... Asking for help- we received donations, yes, and OMG so thankful, but you know what? We received so much more- more than I could ever even imagined! I saw the joy of people in wanting to give. I saw the joy of people lifting us up. Different ideas came our way. Opportunities came for a few jobs, prints (and calendars!) are selling, so you also get something to hold. We have twp booked speaking engagements so far from this, and some photography work, and a few other potential things. I can go on, but hopefully you get the idea on this, too. I try to give in the way I'm able right now, and I can only hope to give back what's been so freely and generously given to us. God's grace through people can be so amazing. Thank You all so very much, My Girl & Me Photo is from just after sunrise at the 100 Mile View, Jim Thorpe, PA Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy!

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