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Some Random Thoughts, our "Mission"

Some Random Thoughts to close the day: -Part of our job in this world, is to travel, bring places to you, and to carry God's message of hope. I try to do this wherever I am, because it's not about where we are in life, but what our life is truly about. It's about being of service; being a servant. -At this point, we are still sticking with our mission statement of "To encourage people to become who they are meant to become, and not get distracted by the world." It's so easy to lose who (and whose) we are because of what the world tells us we should be. And to carry that message of Hope for the lost, or those struggling in some way, or for those who can draw closer to Christ, and carry that out into the world, is what it's about. -Wherever I am; whatever I'm doing, it's for God. When we live that way, we serve others. When we serve others, we serve God. We can do that from anywhere, truly. Even Paul did that while in prison. -We have had a long few days, and I'm so grateful to be so very tired from work, from this full life, and from just being. -"Whatever people say or think about me is none of my business", in the context of not letting people affect you and your mission. I know who I have to answer to, in the end. -Take time to rest & renew- the body and the mind. -I feel so badly for the postal workers these past few days, with the weather and sidewalk conditions. -On a few lighter note: I was told that Bella and I look alike, beyond the hair (as I so often joke about that). That was the very best compliment, ever. -I am so grateful to be sober and to see how my relationships have changed. So often we don't see how things have changed over time, but every so often, something happens, and it is really blatant, and so special. -I may not be where I want to be at this point, but thank You, God, that I'm not where I used to be! -Perfectly imperfect. The visions and feelings of this particular morning have not left me, yet. It was incredible to walk on to Old Orchard Beach to those astounding colors. Even someone's post on here down in MA said, "The sky is purple", or "It's purple outside." Something along those lines. And it really was. Eerie, haunting, and hauntingly beautiful. God is so amazing with His brush. Every. Single. Day. And that painting includes you. Thanks so much for all of your support...

Bella is out and snoring. I think I may join her. She's such a great example in so many ways. Pre-sunrise at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, 10.24.17. Feel free to contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy!

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