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One of the Best Things...

One of the best things that happened in sobriety: September 2013, I had lost a job in my sobriety. After pondering for a few days, I decided to take care of everything that needed tending, packed up, and Bella and I went to Maine, and decided to drive along the coast since I had never been, and took my passport and Bella's health papers, just "in case" we went into Canada. No real plan, no layout, just... us. We left October 1, and were gone for 3 weeks to the day. Guys, sobriety is awesome. I love my Faith. And because of both, life is so much more rich. I never thought I'd do something like this with my girl. At this time, this was the best thing ever. We just went up, no time frame, no "having to be somewhere". We met some people, had some places to stay, which included the car, and explored. This was our time. A time to bond, connect, to seek and to receive. I wasn't as concerned about settings on the camera and capturing everything "right", but was in it more for the memories. To capture the memories and moments that we were given. That, THAT, is what photography is about, for me. Not my perception of perfection, not doing it according to others, but just being free to capture what I feel and what I want to see and remember, and to pass it along and allow you to see what you see. This journey has been awesome. Not everyone will have this path, but will have their own path, and have experiences that I will never have. This was, and is, one of the most meaningful things I had ever done, and the things we saw and the things that happened just can't be put to words. I journaled through the entire trip. I am so unbelievably grateful that i had this time, and even more-so, this time with Bella. I feel that way every single day, even through the challenges. Every time I go through the photos from this trip, I get emotional. It takes me right back, but in a different way, with a different sense. Every. Single. Time. Yes, this is, indeed, one of the best things that happened, but this was just the beginning. So many other wonderful things have happened, and I do believe they will continue to happen. The list just keeps growing. This particular night, we saw whales spouting along the shore, eagles, and most glorious sunset, all of which were remarkable surprises. I couldn't tell you where we were, except that- it was in New Brunswick, Canada, overlooking the Bay of Fundy. This, is what some of life, is about. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy!

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