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A Little on my Faith and Sobriety

Today is 8 years that I (truly) put my faith in Christ. I wrote this 2 years ago, but figured, why not share it, again? So here's the faith side of my sobriety... or the sobriety side of my faith, if you will. Part of it, anyway... Six years ago today, I attended a service we were having through Lent. I was trying to attend church sporadically through my addiction. I was 3 and 1/2 weeks without any substance at this time, but was still struggling a bit, but yet, knew in my heart that I was done. I wanted to be done. The night of that service, after it was over, hands were laid on me, I was prayed on, and I was healed. I felt the Spirit move through me, and I have not wanted a drink or any other substance to this day. I don't really remember much of that night, for whatever reason, but after, I had apparently went up to our pastor and asked him about the service and said I had wanted what he was preaching about. I still to this day do not remember much. That, I believe, was the Spirit moving in me. The Spirit interceded on my behalf. He jumped in and took over! I do remember the pastor gathering people and heard words and some whispers as he held my hands, and they were around me with their hands on me. I felt like when they were done, I "woke up". Anyway, months later, I had asked him about what had happened that evening, and about the service. He was talking about the time when he came to Jesus. Wow! I had come to Jesus that night. Jesus came to me. I asked, and I received. I'm so grateful that our pastor acted in that moment after I had asked. He had told me how I approached him, and what happened that evening, I had to ask what was said, and how, etc...... how it all went down... ha! Jesus met me through our pastor that night, right where I was, in my mess, and things changed. It was like a switch was flipped. A "Paul Damascus experience", if you will. Everything didn't just clean up, and I had work to do, but wow, everything was different. The way I saw everything was different. It was ok, I was ok, and knew I would be ok! I had and have God in my life! I had (and have) a great support system of people in my life, I got active in my faith, and I can say that I love God. Not just for what he did, and for what He does, but for Who He IS! I have learned that no matter what I've done, I am forgiven. I am loved. That isn't just for me, but for anyone. There are no mistakes. No one is a mistake. Messes can be used. We did cardboard testimonies a few weeks ago at church, and on the other side of the cardboard you see in the photo, it says, "Addicted to alcohol and drugs." I expanded on this, and can jokingly say, "addicted to more"! 😉 If I'm going to have an "addictive personality", hopefully it's in the right place today. I'm not one for labels, but if we need to use them for various reasons, I am Desha, an alcoholic/addict according to the world, but I am a child of God. We're all “in recovery” from something. I now talk of these things to try to help another who may need or want it, or just want to hear a few good stories 😉 . Somehow touch the life of someone, no matter who gets what out of it.. I feel it's part of what I'm being led to do. Speaking is a part of this, as well. I've spoken in different facilities over the years, and I believe it's part of what I'm to do with the story I've been given. Of course, it would be tailored to different places- classrooms, schools, events, churches, businesses, what have you. Please let us know if you'd like us to join you sometime. Feel free to share. Enjoy!

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