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Being Down...

So here's a little more on what I shared in the video (for you Facebookers), earlier: I get down, just like most of us. I get overwhelmed easily at times, and I know it, and have to adjust, accordingly. I've basically accepted these things, and that it happens, but I don't have to let it dictate my life. That's the difference. Some days, it does. But it doesn't have to for long. It seems like when something goes well, or when I do something that could be helpful, this happens the day or so after. In church today, we had the opportunity to write down our fears during the service. I wrote down 3 of mine, and then we were able to give them to God. One thing I have also learned, is that it's so very helpful to share them with another person(s), because it gets it out verbally, and takes away its power over you. It really does. There's something freeing about telling someone these things that weigh on you. Doesn't mean they completely go away, but it releases soemthing that allows some freedom. That battlefield in the mind can be (and is) real, but it doesn't have to have a hold over us. We can create so much of our own fears and anxieties, and not even realize it, because it's something we are so used to doing. It's natural. But as time goes on, sometimes we recognize that we do it, and it's really un-learning and re-learning , and renewing our minds with gratitude, with love, worth, with grace. I know when I get like this, I remember that I really do have a good life, and try not to take that for granted. I have my own struggles, but they don't dictate my life, overall. I just hate when I get down the way I am right now. I have trouble focusing so often, but have learned to work around it most times. But there are days when I curse it. Truly curse it. lol. But having the awareness and accepting that these things are just a part of me, helps tremendously. God doesn't make mistakes. I just keep trying to work on these things, while cutting myself some slack. Damn, as things get revealed as we go along in life, it can be tough, too- when we see things in ourselves,... it can be so disheartening. But-- it's good to have these revelations so change can take place, and we can become better, spiritually. That's the idea. To embrace these things. Sometimes you have to let go of people in order to grow. I know I tend to fall back to people, thinking it'd be different this time, but when I do that, I notice that the same thoughts and behaviors tend to come back with that person, so perhaps it's time to move on. Face what it is, and move on, and work on the next thing lol Or, let the next thing work on you. After our speaking engagement yesterday, I felt pretty good. Even if I didn't, I know I did the right thing. Just showed up, and all who were meant to be there, were there. That ego always wants to tell us different. Fear so often, is ego-based. Certain kinds of fear, I mean. So, just let go, live in the way you are meant to live, keep expectations low, keep it simple, do the right thing, work like it depends on you, and pray like it depends on God. When I saw this sunset after our event last evening, I couldn't help but think that I did the right thing yesterday. I 'm glad I fought through the fear in my mind, didn't listen to that, but did what I believe God would want me to do, regardless of what my mind was telling me. Peace be with you. Bella is next to me on the couch. This is the best. I cherish my time with her, so very much. Sunset at Bear Creek lakes, Jim Thorpe, PA Feel free to contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy!

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