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I Got a Job in Maine!

I got a job in Maine!!! I really did! But maybe not the kind that may have crossed your mind when you read that first sentence! Made ya look! Anyway, for the past 5 years, starting on our trip here in 2013, we have been stopping at this place in Old Orchard Beach to grab a sweatshirt. And if you get the previous years' leftovers, they are very reasonably priced. So we stopped today to see what they had, and the owner and I chatted a bit (we know each other by now), he said his "hello"'s to Bella, and he left to do work at the hotel next door. Another worker was there (Jackie, I believe), and his wife, and the other worker and I got talking- she commented about how good Bella is, etc. She told me about her cat that's been going through a trying time right now, she'll do whatever she has to do for her loved one, etc... and we kind of hit it off a bit. So, after I got a sweatshirt, I told them I'd be right back. I gave them each one of the inspirational calendars, and the wife told me that her nephew there needs pic of their family motel! They loved the pics, and really wanted me to leave my information. I didn't realize they owned the hotel that is around the store- it's been in the family for generations! They need updated photos for their site. The rooms have been updated and redone, but their site has not- the outdated pics are still there. They have wanted to get a photographer in there for quite some time, but were reluctant to just pull someone from a list on the internet. So, I left my card with my info, and low and behold, Paul, the nephew, called me after work (he's a teacher here but also manages the motel)! We went to the motel about 1/2 hour later, met Paul and saw what he wanted. He showed me the rooms and some of the current pics they have (the ones that are outdated). It was great! We are going back tomorrow and photographing the place. I just can't believe it, but yet, I can. Gratitude. It all started 5 years ago, and I went there year after year. And today, it started with conversation and a calendar. God just keeps showing me to not lose hope; to not give up. He will show us the way, if we just submit to Him in everything. I get fearful. I get doubtful. I wonder if I'm doing enough. I wonder if I'm doing what I should be doing, so often. I can feel so confined and trapped so easily in so many ways, so when I do get away, it helps to give me clarity and calmness again. I get a different perspective, again, in a different way. I don't care how many times I have to do this, because I'm still seeking, and we can do that wherever we are. But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. So yes, when I am away, I am still working. It may not seem it; it may not look like it, but keep in mind, none of us know what any of us are doing aside from what we spew out on here on Facebook. I finished up something for someone back in PA, too, this morning. And now I have to get a presentation together for next weekend and the following week, along with some other things. Even taking pics and talking with people and networking, is working. Getting up for the sunrises and staying out for sunsets, is working. I just happen to love what I do. God is my Rock. We are all fallible. God is not. I hate the correction, but I love that I learn from it, and I love that He loves me enough to do so. It took me years to get and stay sober. I didn't give up. I guess I shouldn't give up on this, either. Bella is out like a light. She's still lethargic, but is ok. We are taking it easy, for both our sakes. Tonight's beautiful lighting in Maine. Be true to yourself. Be true to what you are to do in life. Peace be with you.

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