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Morning Thoughts, Working on things in ourselves

Here's another photo, almost straight out of the camera, taken yesterday after the sun had dipped behind the clouds. The glow of its light still shown through, creating a beautiful and almost somber feeling. A friend and I were talking after he had arrived to check out the view, and as we were talking and enjoying the view, my eyes just kept shifting back to this strip of light on the rolling mountains and under the and the cloud line, and the cloud line, itself. I just had to grab the camera and capture it.

I would have done a few things differently in this shot (ex- focal point, etc), but no matter, the beauty is still there. See beyond the faults, and look for the beauty. Perhaps, it's perfect, just as it is.

Last night I blogged about working on some things in my life; in myself. Some of us have to be so careful with that fine line, and appreciate where we are. Part of my issue was never feeling good enough, and it hurt my inner being on so many levels. But to be ok with where we are right here, right now, and not getting too self aware (that ego is tricky), while asking God for help to change what will make us better, is key. To be ok with now, and not be too concerned about what "should be", will give an inner Peace like no other. Beyond words ;) What I like to do, is see whatever "it" is (things tend to be revealed to us, if we're open to it), learn from it, don't over-think it, ask God for help with it, and basically move on, and try to apply what I learn. That's how some transformation and spiritual growth takes place.

Yesterday's sunrise from the 100 Mile View. I had on my 150-600 lens, and zoomed in on one portion of the landscape. So many smaller scenes make up so much of the bigger scene. It's all beautiful.

It's not about being perfect. Maybe it’s about being you. You already are a beautiful Creation, fearfully and wonderfully made.

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