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Today... follow-up from our interview on the news:


Today: A few things mentioned today that I'd like to share, that couldn't possibly be squeezed into 2 1/2 minutes: -I got to the point where I wanted to change more than I wanted to stay the same. -When I was asked what I did that first day after I knew I had enough, I said that I asked God for help. -It was also mentioned that after I asked God for help, that I had to put the work in. No one said it'd be all easy, but it's worth it. -I mentioned that I also blog about whatever is going on, or whatever comes to mind. Trials, joys, struggles, what it was like during addiction, my faith, etc. I hope that others may learn a little from any of it, and that includes a little wisdom and insight from my own mistakes and experiences. - My site is www.desha.online, where I also put my blogs. -It's not about glorifying sobriety, but about celebrating Life. -It was mentioned that I sell prints, I help people with their cameras, have had writings and photos published in the newspaper, and that try to encourage people to get out there. -Part of what I hope to do is encourage people to become the person they are meant to become. So many are trapped in a life that is not meant for them, and it's not just addiction. This goes beyond that. -I was asked if there was anything else I'd like to say, and I mentioned to never give up. You never know when something will click. To walk in gratitude. And to let Peace and Love be our song! (and he joked about me being a hippie, so I have the "peace" sign) -And again, I said to never give up, you're worth it. What else I'd have liked to add: -Bella helped tremendously in getting out of myself, and fueled me to keep going. We started to bond and connect. And I didn't have to feel the guilt I felt regarding my other two dogs, which was part of that fuel mentioned above. I love her so much and wouldn’t want to hurt her. -My mom really couldn't help me. I had to get help from other sources, but she did give me the phone number to call for rehab for the first time. And she's still in my life, and was there in the way that she could be, for both of our sakes. -Addiction knows no boundaries. It doesn't discriminate. -Besides asking God for help that first morning as mentioned above, I kept it in my head all day, and went to a meeting that night, and tried to find positive things to read. I already knew what I needed to do. -Photography has helped to give me a voice, and new and different perspectives, and to realize that others will have different perspectives, as well. -It's to help remember that there's so much beauty and good in the world, even though there's bad. Stay grounded in the Good, while addressing, or working through the bad- be it in ourselves, or in the world. A few other thoughts: -I hate the 7 lbs I've gained- and it goes right to the belly. lol . And it's going to come off. -I also know that God loves me, and I don't have to stress about looks. Just need to try to be healthy. -I know if this kind of thing would happen again, more or different things will be told. It's just how it works. -I'm so grateful for the opportunity, and how it came about. I have more hope, myself. Enjoy your night. This was the photo taken when they were filming. Mauch Chunk Creek, Jim Thorpe, PA

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