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What do I do, now that I don't drink?

What Do I Do, Now that I Don't Drink? I was asked this question today. It came about because I was offered a beer, and I politely just said, "I'm ok, thanks", and then for whatever reason, added that "I don't drink anymore." I usually never say that, because usually there is no reason to. That's how the question came about, after I told him that I stopped over 8 years ago. So, what DO I do, now? I honestly couldn't answer it right away, because I just live without thinking too much about it, in that way, I guess. There is so very much to do in life beside drinking all the time. I can relax. I don't need it as a crutch, or to cope with a bad day at work. I can think of hundreds of other ways to cope with that, instead of going to a bar, or having a drink after I'm finished working. Even if not to cope, I don't need it to relax, anymore. I have other means to do that, as well. I get good rest. I wake up feeling good. I work, I play. I live, instead of existing, and try to enjoy life to the fullest. I have my days, don't get me wrong, and some days I just don't "feel like it", and I have my own struggles with some things. But I don't let it stop me, and I don't drink over it. I also filled that time with other things; other healthy and positive things. There is so much to do in the world. Seriously, there is! For me, I initially got involved in a program, which helped me to help myself, while helping others, and was there for quite some time. It helped me to focus on staying sober, and that's what I needed at the time. I also stayed involved for a while with dog rescuing/transporting. I got involved in church, and tried to be of service there. I started taking pics with a Kodak easy share, because I just appreciated and was in awe with so much, with a clear mind, might I add. I couldn't get enough of the beauty out there, especially the skies. I started to have a relationship with God. Not just believe in Him, but began a relationship with Him, and I love Him. My word, there is so much to do out there. Dog walking, soup kitchens, community dinners, outdoor clean-up. Even just helping your neighbor is one thing that can be added to the list. It's all a great way to be of service, and to give back. I also walk and try to exercise. I take care of Bella, and sometimes too much ;) , and try to do what I can for my house. I get rest. I read. I listen to inspirational stuff. I work on pictures, my site, etc. Honestly, I have no idea how on earth I ever found time to drink or use drugs. I can't fathom it! I didn't get in to all of this today with the person, because quite frankly, I was working and didn't and couldn't think that much before I had to take my next photo. And it really threw me off for the moment. Weird, it's not like it was never discussed before, but I guess I was meant to think about it again, and maybe share it with you. And the fact that the person asked me... who knows how our conversation resonated with him, if it did. It was great to get out and see the clouds this evening. There's nothing like some good storm clouds to brighten the day! I totally envisioned this in black and white when I took it. I love black and white photos. They just speak in ways that color photos cannot. Enjoy the night, and may peace and love carry you through the night, and through tomorrow, and always. Let it be your strength. Let it be your song. Sing it loudly! 100 Mile View this evening, Jim Thorpe, PA Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy!

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