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Some Random Thoughts to Close the Day:

- I went to the gym today for the first time in years. I feel it, and it feels kind of good! When I used to go, most times, it wasn't for the "right" reasons. I went because others went. I went because my ex went, and part of me wanted to just be with him and do something like that together, but part of me wanted to keep an eye on him. He cheated on my lots, and I knew it deep down. So part of me wanted to be there for that reason. I found out later that I was right, because he came clean with a lot of things before he left and moved away. I am going now, because I want to go for myself. There were some things that brought me to this point, but I've been feeling so badly about myself, so I decided to give it a try. I want to try to be healthy. I need to strengthen my core so first, I can be a bit tone, and 2nd, to help with my posture, hopefully. It was rough today- I took a class and not sure if I should have started that way, but it felt good, and I just did what I could, and stopped when I needed to. Going there just showed me how out of shape I've become. I know we walk a fair amount, but nothing like we used to. And we don't hike anymore. Bella just can't do it, and I go at her pace. I love it, and I love her. No regrets. And walking is one thing, but being intentional about specific things and targeting specific things and areas is a whole different game. We'll see what happens with it. I'd love a toned stomach. I haven't had one since 4th grade. lol One day at a time. -Even though you may know better about something or someone, you can still be kind. You can be forgiving. Look at Jesus, with Judas. Jesus ate with Judas, and even communed with him, knowing Judas was going to turn on Jesus. He didn't focus on Judas. He focused on God, and doing what God intended for Him to do. - Just because you can be kind and forgiving, and even love the person as God loves them, doesn't mean you have to put yourself in the same position. - Sometimes when it feels like things are falling apart, they are actually coming together. - Bella did really well today. I had to get her more cbd oil from the vet. The poor girl was shaking when I pulled into the lot. I ran in, got the product, and came out and walked her around the perimeter of Sky View Cemetery. I visited my grandparents grave, as I often do when up that way for her appointments. She was perky this evening, and even briefly played with another doggie on the trail. - The other dog, however, ran up to us and really scared me. You really never know how dogs will get along when they meet. I try to leash Bella to introduce dogs to each other, no matter what anyone says. It's for safety. I know Bella is usually good (but there's a handful of times where she hasn't been, or they just don't hit it off for some reason), but who knows when they get together, for sure. They did well, I ended up chatting with the family, and all ended well with that. This photo was taken in Maine in 2013. I really couldn't do much with it, but figured, why not. I love the light showing through the wave splashes. I felt like going through pics from back then, and reminisce. I am not feeling so hot right now. Maybe it was a shock to my body, to give it a workout. Ha! Enjoy your night, and wishing you some peace!

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