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A Few Things from Today:

Today, I was so hopeful to find someone to photograph and get a story on them, but it just didn't work out in that way. However, when I was walking Bella earlier, I decided to take my camera, and just put on one fixed macro lens. I wanted to test myself, and force myself to look at things differently. When I first started photographing a few years back, I had to have every imaginable lens that I could take, which was a total of 3. lol. But I wanted to capture any and everything, from wide to closer. I changed lenses more than you could probably count. And I mean in an hour. Ok, a little exaggerated, but, hopefully you get the idea. I sometimes find myself still doing that, because things constantly change. So today, I took my macro lens, which I just love, and so grateful that I received it. It was a gift from someone who upgraded. One lens, one length. I noticed light and shadows more than anything. I saw the light on the sides of tree trunks, I saw lighting and darkness around moss on rocks that were sticking up, just enough to capture the light that was getting lower. The rocks caught it, but the ground was now dark due to the light shifting and getting lower in the sky. I saw ferns, leaves lit up. Spotted lighting as you see on this fern. Just look at those shadows on the left. There are so many details to see, and how often we just pass by them. Pay attention. There's so much to be said about these scenes that help to create a bigger scene. That goes for us, too- as far as people. I captured our girl in the water- a most beautiful face with the most beautiful brown eyes. I was so happy that I did this, this evening. I didn't put any expectations on myself. I just looked and I enjoyed the "just be" part of it. Bella swam. Bella trotted a little. We took it easy, but she went farther than I expected. We met some nice people who gave her some love. One girl was from Russia and the other was from Belarus. They loved Bella. So here on Facebook the past few days, I deleted an entire post the other night, which I re-did the next morning. I accidently hit the promotion for my page, which seems to be having some benefits. For $5, why not, I guess. I've done a few more things by accident, via my phone, because either the placement in my pocket, or because I am not paying attention, or working too fast. I watch Bella and I'm reminded to slow down. Just be. She doesn't rush, and I don't rush her unless for some reason, it's necessary. Tonight was another example of slowing down, looking at things in yet another different way, soaking it in. I'm grateful for her, for you guys, and for those who have given a few bucks here and there toward her treats and her supplies for her health. She got another nice gift this am toward her icy cream / treats. We are so grateful. I just want to help her have a good and meaningful "rest of her life", at this point, and I'll do my best, and you are a part of it. Thank you, and hope you enjoy this beautiful scene. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy!

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