• Desha

Some Random Thoughts to Close the Day

-You don't have to go far to get away. Bella & I are privileged to be house and cat sitting for a few days, and it's not far from where we live. This is part of the view that we have. What a great thing to do as a service, and at the same time, renew the mind a bit. - Sometimes when we get too routine, it's good to break it up a bit. For me, doing that helps to keep the perspective, and gain even more of a perspective, perhaps. - Calendar prepays are coming in! Thank you!! - When you cry a lot with contact lenses, the contacts usually need to be ditched the next day. - The choir on America's Got Talent was so awesome!!! I rarely watch tv, but have this on tonight at our stay-cation. - Had some really exciting news today, which helped to bring me out of a bit of a low. Hope gets lost at times, so it's nice to have little Reminders. -Bella had a bit of a tougher day today. But she's got a nice cool floor to relax. And carpet. And a couch. And her bed. And my bed. And a deck. And a yard. And............... I am grateful for another day. Remember- each moment passes. Try to make the best of it. You'll never have it back. Love the patch of light on the left here. I didn't plan that when I set up the tripod. It was all dark. But I know Who did plan it. Trees and Light. Part of our view for the next few days. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy!

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