• Desha

"Little Things"

Are there really such things as "little things"? We put these labels on things in life, but we need every "little thing" to make up the bigger things. We have skin cells. We have pores, hair on our body, etc. Each thing helps make up one person, right? The earth is made up of more "little things" than we could possibly imagine, but if some of those "little things" were taken away, it could very well shake the world. It's those little things that can truly mean the most, and are often overlooked, passed by, taken for granted, or forgotten. Or, they are remembered, cherished, or brought to life in others and in the world, and can be passed on, continually. One word. One smile. One negative comment, or one positive comment. One decision. They can make a huge difference in someone's life, and that someone just may include you. Without the little things, we wouldn't have so much of the "bigger things". And remember- no matter whether we see things as "big" or "little", they are all perceptions. What one may see as little, another may see as big. Everything in life is perception. Continually renew your mind, expand, and learn. Those little learnings can make a huge difference. Bella had a fairly good day. Slow, but ok. She got to spend time with her grammie and meet new friends, had her very own chicken breast, and a small walk around downtown, where got to rest in 2 different places along the way. She had a short walk tonight which included a nice cool dip in the creek. She is now out for the count. Photo: Water Droplet on Grass. Feel free to contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy!

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