• Desha

Some Random Thoughts to Close the Day:

-You cannot and never will please everyone. Nor can everyone please you. We are all fallible, and none of us are perfect. -We can only stretch ourselves so far. - Thank you to those who are contributing to Bella, so far. It really means so much. I will do this for others as I'm able, and have. -So crazy how being a part of the whole really does make a difference in even just one person's life. -I'm sore. It feels good. - You will never find that person that has "everything I've ever wanted". It would take probably at least 5 people to do that. Work on your differences, allow for individuality, and focus on the commonalities. -I am so very tired, and so grateful it's from a good day. -I do not and will not have to drink over anything. Ran into another person with that common bond today, and we were talking about some things and joked about our former drinking days. I said how I already have my mind set on not drinking even through Bella's hardships and after (you know what I mean), providing I outlive her. I'm so grateful to fully be here for her through this. She doesn't have to experience me drunk or high anymore, and that, itself, is such a gift. And even more- we can experience God with and through each other. Or I hope that's her experience. I know it's mine. -Someone wrote me the other day, "when you go back home......", speaking of New England. I can't get that out of my mind. It's been really sticking with me. What a most beautiful thought... -I love Nubble in the evening. The lighting every time I've been there, has been just gorgeous for me. I was down on my belly for this shot. I am looking forward to getting "back home" soon. New England, and beyond... Nubble in the Evening. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy...

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