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Some Random Thoughts to close the day...

-Everybody hurts, sometimes, so hold on... -I am coming out of one of the worst lows I've had in quite a long time, if not ever. It's an awful place to be. I may write more on it later/down the road, but I just can't at this point. BUT, I don't drink to cope with it, anymore. It's just the way it is. -I'm glad that Bella's page is already going well. You guys are awesome to her. We are over 1/2 way to the Go Fund Me goal, too. I'll be getting her some treatments and treats soon, with some of it. -I'll be posting more on her page, about what's going on in her life, but will share it here, as well. -I am so grateful to know that God is with me, no matter what. Sometimes in those lows, it's tough to even care, but just knowing helps a bit. -I love the blues. Blue hour. Especially in New England. -I'm so tired. I'm going to go spend time with Bell, and maybe write a bit, and then head to bed. She is tuckered. She was wheezing pretty badly today, so we took it easy. I'm hoping it's better for her when it cools down. And perhaps the New England air will help. It seemed to in the spring. There's nothing like it. This was taken after the sun had set at Pine Point in Maine. I processed this using Topaz. I love how it turned out. Feel free to contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy, and may some peace be with you. Everybody Hurts, REM: When your day is long And the night The night is yours alone When you're sure you've had enough Of this life Well hang on Don't let yourself go 'Cause everybody cries And everybody hurts sometimes Sometimes everything is wrong Now it's time to sing along When your day is night alone (hold on) (Hold on) if you feel like letting go (hold on) If you think you've had too much Of this life Well, hang on 'Cause everybody hurts Take comfort in your friends Everybody hurts Don't throw your hand Oh, no Don't throw your hand If you feel like you're alone No, no, no, you're not alone If you're on your own In this life The days and nights are long When you think you've had too much Of this life To hang on Well, everybody hurts sometimes Everybody cries And everybody hurts sometimes And everybody hurts sometimes So, hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on Everybody hurts You are not alone

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