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Some SON-Day Random Thoughts to Close the Day

-God's little Graces are just everywhere. They are amazing. Amazing Graces. -Bella & I were on the trail, and I found myself drawn to all the mushrooms out there. I was so intrigued by the details, colors, shapes and sizes, and places of growth. God just doesn't miss a thing. -This is the first year I really noticed them, and began to photograph them. -I was 'shroomin' it, and in a different way than years ago ;) I love it this way. - It was so awesome- as I photographed, Bella did her thing, and didn't just sit there waiting for me. I totally loved seeing her this way. -We went further on the trail than normal, today! She is amazing. -Church is not "I", it's "WE". Every time it's mentioned in the Bible, it has to do with people. People gathering together, not a building. Church is the people. And where two or more are gathered for Him, that is church. -Jesus ate with the sinners, but he didn't get sucked in to their lives. Aren't we all sinners, anyway? Saved by Him, and His grace. Just don't conform to the world and it's thoughts and ways. It can be harmful. -It's a matter of the heart. -Only God truly knows your heart. And it's filled with trash and is even wicked, but He makes it clean. - After our service today, one of the kids came up to me and told me what a great job I did "with the singing". I help lead in that. He was 8. What joy to hear that from him. And he loved Bella so much. -Don't ever compromise who you are, and Whose you are, for anyone or anything. -Bella's Go Fund Me is getting there. We're almost 3/4 of the way. Thank you!!! - BioFreeze feels awesome on a pulled calf muscle. - God will provide. It may not look like we have in mind, but He will. And it will always be ok. Bella is out like a light. She really seemed to have a decent day, especially this afternoon. She loves her grammie, whom she saw today, too. We all had a little lunch and family time together, and she just shows me so much, still. I hope I do her justice. I fail her all the time. But she loves me, anyway. Just like God. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy, and peace and love be with you.... it already is. Feel it.

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