• Desha

Some Random Thoughts to Close Today:

-Pay attention to details in life, but don't get caught up in it or them. -Detail in photography is awesome. -I love so much how photography mirrors so much of life, for me. -One contrast I see here in this photo, is the man-made vs. God-made. God always comes through. -There are different ways to see "contrast". Just like in anything. -Perspective is everything. -"They" say that imitation is a form of flattery. - Just who are "they", anyway? - Great and insightful conversation with a few different people today. - Very productive day, too. - Worrying is like a rocking chair- you keep going back and forth but don't get anywhere. - I am not one to complain much about the weather, but I really, really hate humidity. This is just disgusting! - Be a light in this world. We need it. - This world needs you. - Don't give up. This photo was taken on a photo session with a young lady who is learning her camera. It was such a nice session with her. The colors here and the contrast really caught my eye. I couldn't my finger on it at the time, but I love how the living is up against the non-living. How it came through. And how it hangs. I still can't quite articulate what it does for me. Photography has helped to give me a different lens on life- different perspectives and a different way of seeing things. This carried over from sobriety, and my faith in God. They have all worked together in my life. They have helped to give me a voice that I never knew I had. I still have trouble finding that voice at times, and I get stuck, but I just trust that I am saying what is meant to be said, and be done with it. ____ Today was harder on Bella. The humidity and heat seemed to really do a number on her. Even on our trail walk, she started off ok, but by the time we got back to the car, I was actually concerned and watching her breathing and making sure she was ok, and even watched for any blue color. It was a shorter walk, but tomorrow will have to be just short spurts. Even on tonight's walk, she was struggling by the time we got back to the car, and I waited until the sun went down to take her out. We were able to get her supplies, and she has 2 appointments for when we get back from our trip to house and dog sit- one for the holistic vet, and one for the surgeon to discuss that (this is in October). Thank you all for your help and support. We have the air conditioner on at all times to help her breathe easier. She's comfy now on the cool floor, and is sleeping so peacefully. I love seeing her this way. So much at peace. Much love and peace to you...

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