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There are No Coincidences in Life...

There are no coincidences in life... Toward the end of July, I was talking to a friend of mine and had mentioned how I'd love to get up to the shore and see Kate, and get Bella back to where she first got to the ocean. Two days later, Kate had messaged me to see if we could watch her house and dog (Roxy) when she goes away for just over a week. The time she would need us, fit perfectly on our end. And so here we are, back where Bella first got to the ocean. To backtrack, Kate and I met through a photography page here on Facebook. She was always very encouraging to me, in regards to my photography. She always found the appreciatives in my work, even when I was just starting out- the things she liked, and always had a nice word to say. She would answer any questions I had when I privately messaged her, and never did I feel like a nuisance to her. We would get to talking through Facebook, and she would say things like "you are welcome any time here". I finally got up the nerve to ask her if I could actually drive up; take her up on her offer, so I could get Bella to the ocean. It had been such a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I had wanted to get my other dog to the ocean, but never had the chance before she passed, and this is something about which I really, really wanted to do. So, Kate said yes, we arranged a time, and we drove up to Massachusetts by ourselves for the first time (before heading to Maine). This photo was taken on September 22, 2012. Kate divinely made my longing; my dream- come true. This was one of the best days of my life. Perhaps it's because I wanted to share something with her, that was shared with me when I was young. Whatever the reason, my dream came true. I couldn't believe it back at the end of July, when I mentioned to Rich how I really wanted to try to get her back here, how Kate messaged me. It's like it all came full circle, for this and for us. It saddens me a bit, but I'm more amazed than anything, and so darn grateful, and so glad for the opportunity, and that we can also be of service to Kate. Even though there's pay involved, it doesn't take away any of the gratitude, and how it's really about service. And also about Bella. It's so Divine. We haven't seen Kate for 3 years, and here we are. We all picked up like we saw each other yesterday. Bella knew right where to go. She checked out the house when we got here, inspected everything, and then laid down. She was tired pain the morning and seemed to be struggling a bit, and was a little tired part-way into the drive, but then perked up as we got more north. Then got tired again. We didn't have a lot of sleep before leaving yesterday morning, so it wasn't a surprise. And I kinda felt the same. Today, we rested. This morning, I purposely didn't get up when I actually woke up, because I didn't want to stir her. She needed to sleep and rest her body, and it didn't hurt me to do so, either. We took a shorter walkie this morning, came back and napped (both of us), talked with Kate, got a few things done, and then walked on a pathway to the beach in late afternoon. She saw a few doggies that she got to say a "hello" to, along the way. This evening, we went a short distance to the beach for a bit, and then to the south river, where we saw a glorious sunset, came back, and she is now out for the count, and resting so peacefully. To think how this worked out, I can honestly cry. I can't believe this opportunity came- back in 2012, and now, 6 years later to the month and somewhat close to the day. I can't believe the life we have together. I can't even put it to words. This little girl has been through her own hell before our time together, then when I was active in addiction. Now look at her! All I want to try to do is keep her comfortable at this point, give her all she needs and even what she wants if it's safe and good for her, and give all I can to her, while we have the time together. This picture means so much to me, and I'm so glad we got here, and I'm so glad to have this beautiful and special memory. My angel. My beautiful, beautiful, God-given angel... Rexhame Beach in Marshfield, MA 9.22.12

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