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Slowing Down...

Slowing Down... The past few days, I have been taking longer exposures. I have been thoroughly enjoying them, and realize how much it can help to slow us down. Photography mirrors life for me in so many ways, and is such a metaphor, in so many ways. What I've noticed is that when I'm out taking pictures without setting up a tripod, I am quicker with the camera, and just want to keep snapping away. Things get away from me, when I do that. I don't think so much, but just do (which isn't always a bad thing, but the context here, it doesn't necessarily work). I "hope" that the shot will turn out ok, and clear. I use settings that I may not necessarily use if I had something stable under the camera, and I can also focus so much easier when using a tripod, at sunrise and sunset, especially. I'm more careless when I don't have a tripod, and rush and seem to run around more. Not always, but most times. Things can get out from under me when I'm running around, yet feel like I'm not really getting the shot I want, or not getting anything. Then, I want to just throw in the towel and call it a day, or at least put the camera away out of frustration at that moment. Doing the longer exposures- setting up, composing the image, taking it, then seeing what I want to change, if anything, change it, and take another shot, gives me so much more peace, and just relaxes my mind and body so very much. I am more still, and it gives me a chance to breathe. I love the look at feel that longer exposures tend to give. For me, they are tranquil, soft, and peaceful. I love how the clouds can get wispy if they are long enough, and how the water smooths out with the open shutter, and then the waiting, to see the results. I started the other day with a few longer exposures on the beach, and also took this one in Duxbury when we were there two nights ago. I took a number of them there, but am really drawn to this one. I love the symmetry, and how the grass somewhat mirrors the cloud in place of the cloud reflection. I love the blues in photography, as well. So here is a long exposure, taken at dusk, in Duxbury, Massachusetts. _______________ This morning, we went to a church service up here. It was great. Their congregation was so welcoming to us, and were so down to earth. They opened up with "Set a fire down in my soul That I can't contain And I can't control I want more of you God I want more of you God" I love the version of this song by the band, Jesus Culture. And it really spoke to me, of all days. The message was on Exodus 3:1-6, Moses seeing the burning bush. Moses being called, taking off his shoes because he was "Home", but his work was just beginning, or when we get comfy, something new is thrown in the mix. He talked about how Moses came up with all the reasons why he wasn't the one, etc.. But God said "You can do it. I have called you. I have called you to do this work." He began to listen, and really hear what God has to say. One thing that stood out from the message, besides what I just mentioned, was when the pastor talked about our calling in life. He talked a bit about how he to got to where he is today. He took the long way, resisted, he is a musician- he dropped out of seminary to play, and played in different places, all over, etc, and I related so much. He mentioned how he thought he'd be out there going places and doing all the fun stuff / live that type of exciting life, but it's not where he was to be (or something to that affect). As he spoke, I sat there listening and writing (I take notes during the message, and even write thoughts down) and the tears began to roll, again. I really have some discerning to do. Or do I, anymore? Bella had a nice day today, so it seemed. More doggie friends, some pep in her step, too. She did see a dog walk by this afternoon when we were outside with Roxy (the dog we are sitting), talking with a neighbor and her children. A dog walked by and began to bark. Bella went to bark and tried to go over, but ended up coughing as if she was coughing up a hairball, twice. Then she was gasping and wheezing for a short time after. This is so sad to see... but she got back to her peppy step in no time, and had a nice walk on the trail to the beach, this evening. Tomorrow is all her. I have been a little distracted since we've been here, because of some specific things, but it's gotten so much better. And I'm so thankful for so much, including you guys. Go out and if anything, just love. Bella is sleeping so peacefully by the bedroom door. I took a hot bath tonight, and she poked her head in the door, and then walked in for a few minutes. I talked with her and told her different things, and she seemed to listen. What a little love. After the sunset in Duxbury, MA Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy... and may peace be with you.

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