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Some Friday Night Random Thoughts:

- 8:30, in jammies, and quite cozy. - Neti Pots are awesome. - Looking forward to tomorrow's photo walk with a great group of people. - I've been so darn tired and fighting a headache for days. But so darn thankful it's not from drugs or alcohol. - Providing I wake up tomorrow, I'll be sober, and remember what I did tonight. And I'll be somewhat rested (I don't sleep all that well, normally). - Sometimes things feel like they're falling apart, but perhaps, they are coming together. I sure hope so. - I am so grateful for such wonderful people in my life. I can only hope I am that person to someone. - I know I'll be able to give back as been given to me, someday, and hopefully sooner, than later. I actually have some thoughts because of all of this, that I need to pray on, and see if it's something I should pursue. - There's such a fine line and a balance, between being open to other doors, vs. staying focused. That's why not acting impulsively can be so important, and even further, to meditate / pray on things, to see which way to go.

Bella is out. She had a fairly decent day, it seemed. Two banks, treats, and she even got a bit joyful and playful with her neighbor doggie friend, before rounding me up for our walk. She literally rounds me up to go.

This photo was taken at Rexhame Beach in Marshfield. It was a bit blurry, so instead of disregarding it, I took the opportunity to make something from it. I added motion blur in post. I really like how it turned out, and just love these blues, purples, and pink tones.

I bet this would look just awesome on metal, too.

Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share Enjoy, and peace be with you!

#abstract #addiction #alcoholism #gratitude

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