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Jim Thorpe Fall Festival Experience!

Some Random Thoughts and things from the Weekend: - I can't believe the number of prints that sold at the Fall Foliage Festival in Jim Thorpe! From BIG ones, to the smaller ones, along with the calendars.... I am so grateful! - It was great seeing so many people that we knew! - It was great meeting people from Facebook! - It was so touching how many asked about Bella. Some also donated to her, while down there. That was also very, very touching. - I really enjoyed myself down there, too, despite a few minor things. I have to tell you about a few interactions with some people that stuck with me, at least for now: - One woman asked if the calendars were free. I said that they are $15. She moved her shoulders back and forth and rolled her eyes. - One woman asked me how I was able to get my prints and mats and such; if I got a grant. I told her I've been getting some prints done and mats over the past year or so, little by little, just to have. She told me some of her story again (I had run into her before), how her camera was stolen, she can take only cell pics.. I told her to put a little aside when she can, how it adds up, and she may be able to get one. She remarked how the town supports me, and not her, and asked about me dating anyone. I told her I was, but it has nothing to do with photography. She kept going on about her misfortunes, and then asked again about who I'm dating. I told her that it's personal, not about photography, and I don't discuss those things (and might I add here- especially with people I don't know). Thank goodness another couple came and I was able to divert my attention to them, and she walked away. - On another note: I had one girl yesterday tell me how she couldn't get enough of looking at my pictures. She said she could feel my soul in them. She bought a few of them- one of the bigger photos. I told her about my recovery, and before I even got it all out, she said how that explains it. She was the sweetestwoman and so pretty (I told her). She was orignally from Poland, and our names are soooo similar (her name in the Polish form, which she told me). Amazing. - Another gentleman and his other half (not sure if girlfriend or wife) came up to the stand, looked at some pics, etc. The man came back a bit later and asked "you're in recovery?" I said I am. He asked, "How long?" Me: "8 1/2 years". He shook my hand as he said "19 years", and let go as I gasped and smiled, and he walked away / disappeared. It was so cool! Different connections with different people are so cool. Common bonds. - Another woman at a neighboring setup read my bio (I had one laid out), and told me how her son committed suicide after being addicted to pain killers, then turning to heroin a month before. He was 26, I believe she said. He was a great music writer, she said. She didn't realize the depth of his depression as he grew up / got older, and wished she'd have known. We are so good at hiding these things. She was so glad to hear of my path. We bonded a bit. - One gentleman told me how wonderful and inspiring it is to see that someone can turn their life around. He was so sincere and there was so much feeling in his statement... - A wonderful surprise to see my aunt and uncle! - The music was really great down there, especially the guitar players both mornings. That's some of what I totally love. - It was such a joy to see kids being so happy. Some stopped and asked to pet Bella, and I gave them a little something to give to her. A few were looking at pictures, and got to pick their own. Some were dancing and skipping. - Bella got to see a lot of other doggies. She got up almost every time to go over to them as they passed by. She got to rest in-between a bit, got treats, lots of love, and some goodies. - I had one of her beds down there. She laid on the bricks most of the time. I really enjoyed this, and can't help but wonder if this is part of what I'm to do in life. It was very lucrative, we were out there, and overall, was really great. Photo: Autumn Sunrise through the Trees. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photos. Feel free to share. Enjoy, and may the peace-ness of God be with you tonight, and always.

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