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God in Everything...

Good evening!

What a beautiful way to start the morning, with the sun coming up over the mountain, glowing on the trees, bringing out some of their color. That golden glow is quite something. I am drinking my tea at the moment, and on the end of the tea bag, it says, "if you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere." ~Vincent Van Gogh. Isn't that the truth? I love God, and God is nature to me. I love Him, and I most times see Him in everything (humanness can get in the way every so often). He is in and through everything. He walks with us during our hardships, as well as our joys. We breath in His breath; His air. Nothing I have is mine, as I was reminded today. Sometimes we can forget that, and then it becomes about US.

I cherish what I have. I have an abundance. I struggle in areas of my life, as most of us do, but I have more than enough in life. Sometimes we need a little help along the way, and it's ok. It's ok to not always be ok. But I do know that I have peace beyond any understanding; peace like never before.

I had a conversation with someone when we went for Bella's CBD oil. I love talking with her. A very spiritual conversation, with wonderful reminders.

We had our walkie, dropped off calendars to a wonderful woman, got more stuff done, have more prints and mats to order.

Bella got to go to our church planning meeting for the upcoming week, and walked at the canal and did really well. I honestly have to slow her down at times, because she wants to really get ahead of herself. Usually they know their limits, with their instinct and all, but I still feel I need to pull back the reigns just a bit, to keep her safe. I think God tries to do that with us, as well, so often, if we listen. We can get a bit too far ahead of him, and leave Him behind, but he's still right there with us. He's still right there to pick us up when we fall, but He's always there and willing.

Bella and our relationship is such a beautiful Gift. It's not really mine- it's God's. She's God's, too, but with me to care for her, and for Him. I am so, so fortunate to have her in my life, and I cherish her, and all we've had and done together so far.

Today as I petted her as she fell alseep, I told her how beautiful, courageous, and amazing she is.

When you see something like this, and walk in it with your loved one, you just know it's Pure Love, from Above.

I'm so forever grateful.

I'm also so grateful to those who have been reaching out about Bella. Some I'd have never expected, have helped with her bills. Some contribute in other ways, and she knows she is loved.

The vet said today to keep an eye on her / monitor her. I got her CBD oil, and tomorrow we go to her acupuncture appointment.

Anything and everything has helped tremendously. We really appreciate the support.

May you feel Peace like you've never felt it before, and get a good night's rest.

-My Girl & Me

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