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Today.... Bella was pretty sluggish most of the day today. This evening, for our last walkie for the day, we got to the top of a hill, she was sniffing around, then fell. I thought she just tripped because of the uneven ground, but when I went over to her, her head was nodding back and forth, every 3/4 to a second, as if saying "no". It lasted maybe 20-30 seconds. She was sitting up somewhat, though. A man and his wife that I knew were across the street and came over, and saw her nodding like that, and tried to help. She was panting heavily, but it's been our "normal". Her head just stopped then, sat there for maybe a minute or two, and then got up as if nothing happened. I'm guessing she had some kind of seizure. I know that I"m not going to do any heroic things anymore, and let Nature and God take their course. I am just trying to keep her comfortable naturally, and will continue to do so. A few months ago, someone told me she sensed that Bella was a bit worried about me, if and when she left. Every once in a while, I will tell her that I will be ok, and that she can let go whenever she feels it's time... and I believe that I will see her again. This is not for debate on here, so please, no need to begin a discussion on it in the comments. It's what I believe, based on what I know and understand. I gave her some ice cream after we got back, in case her sugar had dropped, causing her to act that way. Tomorrow I am starting CBD oil again. I had taken her off of everything when we were in Maine and she got the runs badly. I incorporated some things back in her regime, and the CBD oil is tomorrow. I will most likely give the vet a call, as well. It seems like she wants to walk quickly, and she even ran a bit again earlier for a very short time, but her breathing keeps her from it. I don't know if that hill was too much for her tonight, but I guess that was the last we will do our normal evening loop, because it includes that small hill. Tonight, I'm going to coax her next to me with her chicken, brush her, pet her, and just soothingly talk to and pet her. If you guys still want to help with her bills and supplies, here's the Go Fund Me link: https://www.gofundme.com/bella039s-bills-and-care Or, you can buy prints and a portion will be put toward her. I'm aiming at 25% or more. I'm just starting this, so it could change. Or you may send payment to: Bella & Desha PO Box 314 Jim Thorpe, PA 18229 Anything is helpful and appreciated. I'm a bit down tonight after seeing that, but from what I've read, it's scarier for us to see, than for them. I have a little comfort in that. Enjoy your night, and may God's peace fill you and keep you. This photo was taken this morning. I saw the fog, and had to park and walk part-way across the bridge to take this photo. There's some color emerging. It's there if we look for it. Always. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy...

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