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Today- Bella Update and some Random Thoughts

Today and some Random Thoughts: Bella seemed to have a decent day. Very, very slow and sluggish until her fresh-baked chicken dinner. That look in her eyes and happiness showing in her body, is so delightful! Then after her dinner, she usually rests for a bit- I mean like 10/15 minutes, then coaxes and schmoozes me to get going for her walkie. Oh, the excitement when she comes over to me, and I start talking to her about it! She was panting harder today than she's been, and I heard more noise today from her trachea. Tonight when she was walking and panting, I put a nice cool wet cloth on her belly. She stopped, and seemed to totally enjoy it, and then her panting stopped. I went over to her bed and motioned her over. She came over, and I put the cloth on her belly again. She loves it, and I do believe it helps. I read that somewhere to do for dogs with LP. It helps to cool them off, which helps their breathing. Every time I've done it, she practically melts. She really seems to love it. -I was given a juicer a little while back, and finally made some juice today, for the first time. I'm hooked. Red beets, carrots, lemon, and some ginger. It was so fantastic. Had some brussell sprouts, too. Yum to both! -The end of my teabag says, "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." -Lao Tzu. I've always liked that quote. Goes for us, too. Good reminder. We don't need to rush. God doesn't rush. His timing isn't OUR timing. And He accomplishes what he wants, as needed. -Someone asked yesterday how I'm doing... and added "how are you REALLY doing?". At the time, I was fine. Last evening, I did break down a bit. I thought of her question, and it really hit me at that moment. Things really hit me. I let it flow, but realized I was also projecting a bit. I was able to calm myself and meditated a bit. I like repeating, "God is here. God has got this. God is with me. God's got Bella." Things along those lines I tend to repeat. And also remembered to breathe a bit. I eventually fell asleep, but am awfully tired today. - A seizure-free day. We are grateful.

- Soft music is playing. Bella is sleeping. We snacked a bit together. PS- Don't forget to remember whose snack is in which hand. I'm tired and probably going to bed soon. Friday night... woo-hoo! I'm grateful to be sober. Home with Bella, sharing with you guys, and just relaxing a bit. This cloud was in the sky on our way back from our shorter walk this morning after that incredible sunrise. I thought it looked like a comet. A comet cloud. I have pics from the sunrise, but found this fascinating. Sometimes that Painter just amazes me. Actually, most times. And remember, YOU are also His Painting. A Masterpiece. Enjoy the night, and may peace fill you like never before.

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