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Some Friday Night Random Thoughts:

- Loving the sound of the rain here this evening. -Friday night= movie night tonight. A Dog's Purpose. Awesome movie. Touching movie. - Friday night and sober- not the worst thing. In fact, it's quite a blessing! - At one time, I didn't want to wake up. I wish I didn't wake up. Now if I don't feel like 'getting up' (which is a huge difference), it's because I'm just tired from an abundant life. And abundance doesn't come from "things" or circumstances. - I had such a terrible headache last night, and it came on fast- migraine. It lasted into this morning, but subsided as the morning went on. I was able to rest and have some good and gentle care here, which was so nice. - I am so tired and drained today, but those headaches do that to me. - I know it wasn't a hangover headache! Whew- I don't miss those one bit! -Rich just said he could hear me thinking as I am writing this. Ha! - Sometimes, most times, our purpose is to "Just be here now." To me, that's to be present, in the now. It can also mean to just be here, live our life that is meant for us, and our purpose will be fulfilled. _______________ Bella had a good restful day. She had spurts of energy, but periods of wheezing / gasping a little, and had to slow her down and let her catch her breath. The humidity is up a little, so it's harder on her when it's like that. She wants to trot, which is a great thing! Sadie seems to love it when Bella joins her outside on the deck. Hey, it's the simple things. But they're really the things that mean the most. She's sleeping so peacefully on the carpet, looking all cozy and so relaxed. Amazing little girl, she is. Full of love and light. This photo was taken this evening at Hardings Beach, as the sun would be setting. The colors were beautiful in their grays and blues. There's always so much to see and appreciate out there, if we really truly look. And most times, we don't have to look far. Enjoy your night, and may peace and love wrap you up like a good cozy warm blanket on a cold night. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share.

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