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The Past Few Days

Good morning! We are on Cape Cod, and what a few g

reat few days it's been! Bella has had such energy here, and we have to actually slow her down because she gets so winded! It's great to see! Yesterday she even took an unexpected swim when she went to walk in a marsh / pond, and when she stepped out, well, it apparently dropped off a bit. She handled it so well and just turned around and doggie paddled back to where she could reach the ground. I was ready in case she needed help. She shook off, and continued to sniff. She adores and follows Rich all over the place. I love how much she seems to love him, and he, her. When a dog likes someone, or doesn't like someone, it can tell us a lot. I'm so glad she gets to see him, especially before her surgery. We all went down to the beach for a beautiful sunset last night. I have a video, and will post it in the comments, but I know I've posted quite a few recently, and didn't want to overwhelm with them. I had a sudden bad headache come on last night and into this morning, but it seems to be subsiding. Hope you enjoy this photo from last night's glory, and wishing you a peaceful and perfect day, whatever that is for you. Susnet at Hardings Beach. I just love the sand patterns formed at low tide. They are always changing, and always so beautiful. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy...

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