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Friday Nights...

Friday Night ...

Tonight Bella & I went for our awesome walkie, then went to the store in the next town over. It was later in the day, and I couldn't help but think about how it's Friday night, and how happy hour is going on all over the place, and how there are people possibly on the road that are altered from drinking, and even from other substances. Friday nights were a reason to let loose at one time for me, not that I needed Friday's to do that, but it was like some kind of landmark to kick off the weekend.

I thought about that as we passed by cars coming the other direction, and even as we took our walk before-hand, I was thinking keeping that extra guard and awareness level up as we walked along the road to get to the trail.

I used to be one of those drivers mentioned above. It truly doesn't take much to begin to alter our minds and our reaction times / our mobility. Most of us don't think that way, because alcohol is so normal for society, and is so accepted (and legal), but it's still a problem in so many ways.

But we don't think about risks- for ourselves. For those passing by. For the passengers we may have in our car, or the passengers in another car.

Let me tell you- I got a DUI back at the end of '07. My bloodwork came back at a .289. When I was in the cop car, I remember even saying to that officer that I was glad I didn't get to drive home because I could have killed someone (or something along those lines).

There were countless times that I drove less inebriated, and as much as I hate to say it, there were probably times that I drove in that same state.

It's not something I am proud of, trust me. But I know that others are out there doing the same thing, and who knows if this will help to save someone in some way. I do know that some people and their families have been brutally affected by the decisions of those under the influence. It's a very sad and painful thing to hear. I hope this helps one person in some way, and if for anything, awareness.

Drinking is such a selfish thing, and I didn't realize just how selfish until I stopped, and until my mind began to get more clear. And in continuing to learn and reflect and give back in some way, i see more and more just how selfish and deadly it can be. If not a physical death, it certainly was an emotional and spiritual death inside. It was numbing, I guess you could say.

Anyway, we hope your evening is peaceful and restful. If you are sober on a Friday night, congratulations on another day. We all got the same 24 hours. One day at a time. ______________________

May your cup overflow with God's Peace, as you rest in the Palm of His hand tonight.

This photo is of ice on the jetty rocks at Hardings Beach in Chatham, MA, just after the sun had set. Stage Harbor Light is in the background. I love the pastel colors that emege in the opposite direction of the sunset. Don't forget to look around. Different scenes are so abundant.

Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share, and enjoy.

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