• Desha

Random Thoughts to Close the Day:

- Beautiful day with our girl... - Random thoughts are right up my alley, cuz that's how my mind works a lot of the time. - I truly am hopeful that we will be able to get out and speak more this year... be it about addiction, and just life. To just inspire someone to get moving in the direction they are meant to go. - One of my biggest traps is that I cared so much about what others thought, that I'd let everyone, and I mean just about everyone, direct me in the way I was to go. If someone made a comment, I'd change my ways. If someone didn't like something about me, I criticized myself and tried to change "it". And the list goes on... - Don't get caught in that trap. You will get lost. Instead, get caught up in the direction you are meant to go. It may not come to you right away, but begin by using what you believe are your gifts. This could mean by yourself, as a hobby, or in small groups. Just play around and see what happens. And listen. - I am still so desperately discerning some kind of ministry. I do believe it involves speaking. And perhaps some photography at times. Ya think?? ;) - Some people were in your life at one time, to help you fulfull your purpose, and you were in theirs, to help them. They may not be around anymore, and may not even like you, but rest in knowing that it perhaps was meant to be as it is. - I struggle at times, with not having reconciliation with someone who wronged me, as I may have wronged them. Even when we try to make things right, it may not work. But we are responsible for the effort (not the outcome), and are responsible for trying to keep our side of the street clean. That doesn't mean that they will respond in the same manner. Rest in your attempt, and that you know you tried. The rest isn't up to you. - Regardless of what the other person may be saying about you, people who truly know who you are today; those who know you now, are those that really matter. - We will be perceived differently by every single person we meet. Just as we will perceive others around us differently than the next person. We could be in a group of people and we will each see the same person differently. That's because we see from our own unique eyes, and we see based on our own experiences in life. - I am tired, and am headed to bed. Not feeling the best, but this too shall pass. We hope you had an enjoyable day, and a peaceful evening. Rest in knowing that you are so loved and are in the Hands of the Almighty. Cast your cares, rest your head and eyes, unclench your jaw, relax your toes, and breathe deeply as you drift to sleep. And remember to think about things for which you are thankful. Bella seemed to have a great day, but was slower, overall. But she has an appetite, and was happy over her chicken dinner, as usual! And showed joy for our last walkie for the night. She's sleeping so soundly, and I just love seeing her at such peace from hopefully a good day. I'm right behind her. May Gods Peace envelop you always. This was from the sunset at Mauch Chunk Lake a few nights ago. It's awesome to be able to walk out there on the ice, and witness such Glory as this. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. And as always, enjoy!

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