• Desha

Bella's Follow-Up Appointment

A few years back, Bella & I had the opportunity to go out for a short time and photograph in Boston at night. I absolutely loved it. Such a different feel and experience, and it was truly amazing, some of the things we saw and captured. I'm so grateful we had gotten there. Today at Bella's appointment, the doc asked me if I wanted to listen to Bella's breathing, through his stethoscope, as he had it up to her neck. I was so surprised and appreciative of him to offer this for me. It was so sweet to hear her breath, without any noise. Just nice and clear. But to hear that one breath that I finally was able to hear after moving a few seconds, it was truly amazing, and I felt connected with her in yet, another new way. To hear her breath and breathing was so touching, I can't even describe it. I gave him and one of the girls a big hug before we left and told them how thankful we are. They also have a small matted print of our footprints, to thank them for everything. Cherish the moments. Look for the meaning, the connection, and the memories. You will find them. Boston at night. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share, and enjoy!

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