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YOU: Are not a mistake. Are not a failure. Are not worthless. Are not ugly. Are not stupid. Are not dumb. Are not an idiot. Are not a waste. Are not a b*tch or b*stard. Are not a piece of sh*t. Are not unloveable. Are not unforgivable. Ever hear these things, and worse, though your life- as a kid, adult, or both? They are lies. People will try to label us- even our own families. They become ingrained in our very fibers, and we can become what we tell ourselves as we get older. This world can really hurt us, and can turn us into something we are not- be it angry, afraid, isolated. Sadly, those things become our norm. Let me tell you-- that despite what you may have heard over the years, and what you may tell yourself, YOU: Are here for a reason. Have a purpose. Make a difference. Are unique. Are a beautiful creation, wonderfully made. Have amazing gifts to use, even if you don't see it yet. Have a lot to give to this world. Are needed. Are different from anyone else. Are totally loveable. Have a voice just waiting to be heard. Have an awesome story to tell. Have someone who needs you. Are not alone. Know that you are loved. You are beautiful. All of that overrides anything you may have heard, or think about yourself. Start to tell yourself these things, even when it's hardest. Tell yourself the one thing you need to hear tonight, and tell yourself over and over again. Don't argue with yourself. Picture it, and know it's true. Claim it. This photo was taken in Scarborough, Maine, back in September. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share in case the words may help someone. May love keep you warm as you drift to sleep tonight.

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