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A Little Thought this Morning

A little of yesterday and last night:

Bella seemed to have a decent day- sniffing, eating, resting... a senior dog's life.

We finally got on the breast of the dam last night, and it was the first in I don't know how long. It was almost like seeing the view for the first time. Perhaps with just new eyes, because every single day we are being altered in some way, and when there is a gap in the time of visiting a place, it's so different! It was beautiful! The soft lighting last night was amazing, and how it came through the clouds and on and between the mountain was just humbling and so very pleasing and alluring.

With Bella there, by each others' sides, the aesthetics there and the peace, it was a wonderful experience, all-around.

These longer evening walks seem to be helping her anxiety and restlessness at night. The cooler weather allows us to walk longer, where she can do her doggie thing, and I can do mine.

We may not be the same as we were a few years ago, but we are still the same team, each doing our thing individually, but together in our relationship and our fellowship here on earth. That's kinda how it should be between us all.

We have so much to offer the world individually, and as a whole.

What will you offer today?

May peace and love be our strength and song, and enjoy today!

Mauch Chunk Lake last night, 8.26.19

Please contact . me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy!

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