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Being Busy, and Being Still...

Many times, being busy helps to keep our mind occupied. It helps to focus what's all around us, what we need to "do". It's about "doing".

But what happens when our world comes to somewhat of a halt, and we're left with that time? It can make many of us anxious. It can make us depressed. And don't get me wrong, I know those two things run rampant in this world among people, but I'm talking about the type that comes with having to slow down, and not always be "doing". Many times, when we are "doing" and are continually on the go, we are covering up and masking what's really going on inside of us, and when we stop, we have a hard time. How about just "being"? Perhaps this is a time to look inward and upward. This time may feel longer for us, and I get that. But perhaps this is trying to tell us all something- individually, and as a whole.

Take this time to write and go back and see what you wrote in a day or two and reflect on it. Take this time to pray and read. Take this time to listen. Take this time to seek. Maybe it's time for us to be still... just for a little while.

"Be Still and know that I AM God" ~Psalm 46:10 This command (yes, it's a command) comes from the Hebrew word "rapha", which means to weaken (oneself), to let go, release; stop striving, let go, surrender. To cause (ourselves) to let go, or let ourselves become weak. Surrender; let go. Here's a little context: "Let go (of your concerns)!. Then you will know that I am God."

This also reminded me of the verse in 2 Corinthians, God speaking to Paul: "My power is perfected in weakness...", then Paul speaking: "for when I am weak, then I am strong." That's God's power IN us. We may be weak (in relation to His power), but that doesn't mean we are victims, or that we self-deprecate (talk badly about ourselves - that's ego). It's knowing truly who we are, and our place with each other, and in the world. It’s also knowing who is in control, and acknowledging Him in all. Just Be Still. Know who He is. Breathe deep, let go, carry on.

This photo was taken on Bella's and my last trip together to the 100 Mile View in Jim Thorpe. Taken at sunset last week. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share, and may you be still, and just know that God, is God, and has you wrapped up in the palm of His hand.

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