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My first 3 boxes went to my new place today. Trying to clean out and move has been quite a chore, to say the least. It's downright overwhelming, and almost paralyzing, at times.

Taking these boxes over helped me to feel as though I'm making progress. If we're not moving forward, we're moving backwards, in some areas in our lives.

When I took them over, I looked around and got another visual so I knew what was what.

Some feelings of doubt came over me. I'm downsizing quite drastically. How on earth will I be able to do this? Where will I put things? How....... ?

Then I remembered a few things. - First, it always works out. I always seem to make things work. God always makes them work, since I'm doing my best to work with and for Him. - Second, everything is temporary. This is another step in my journey. - Third, I can put things in storage if need be, and I wouldn't need a big place.

I also realize that perhaps I'm being stripped of so much, to be rebuilt. God is always pruning and shaping us. This is just a part of that.

That devil tries to throw us off in all sorts of ways. It's all a spiritual battle. And I know that the battle belongs to God, not us.

Keep putting your foot forward. Trust in God with all of your heart, and he WILL direct your steps. I gotta trust that He's directing mine.

Enjoy your day! #soberlife, #dailythoughts #dailyliving #thebattlebelongstothelord #trustgodcleanhousehelpothers #trustgod

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