• Desha

Chicken and Tears

Desha Utsick 14 hrs ·

I took chicken out of the freezer for the first time since you’re gone. I couldn’t help but cry when I thought of how much you loved your chicken, freshly baked, and how much I wished it was for you. I didn’t cry all day for you until tonight arrived. The love I have inside for you will always be alive. I saw the tears fall on my shirt and couldn’t help but think... The tears for you are falling for you, and because of the love I have for you, and memories we’ve shared, and the joys that have us linked. I know you’re in the best Care now, and how fortunate you are. But the grief is real, but with joy for you, and I cannot thank you enough for trusting me, and I cannot thank God enough for trusting me with you. 🐾❤️ #imissher #unconditionallove

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