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Co-dependency and Rediscovery

As many of us know, addiction affect not just the person addicted, but the family, as well. As the person who was addicted begins to grow in their new life and become more independent in how they think and in what they do, it could leave other family members to feel like they lost their role, which is usually a co-dependence of some kind, and enmeshment. It's important for those family members- you- to also find either some kind of support group, or get involved in some other activities that are beneficial to you, that could help you connect or reconnect to the world, instead of the world of the person who has become free.

In connecting with other people and in different ways, you may discover your identity that you may never have had, or rediscover your life in a whole new way. It's a new freedom for you, too!

It can be so hard to do this, because we, as humans, tend to hang on, especially to what we are familiar with. It can be damaging to any potential relationship you may have with your loved one, but getting involved with other things could actually strengthen your relationship. It will help us all as we all focus on other things in our lives, not just the person who is free from drugs, or the family member who is struggling with the codependency or a substance, themselves.

I hope this makes sense... just step out and do something a little different. Any step is a step. Start with something small. There's plenty out there. You just have to seek it just a little, and it will come.

A different life is waiting for us all.

Photo was taken at Scarborough Marsh in Scarborough, Maine. Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share. Enjoy!

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