• Desha

Do Your Best with Where You Are.

Do your best. Do what you can, with where you are right now.

Our best will look different to everyone- including family, friends, etc. People truly don’t know what’s going on inside of us, and how our brains and bodies function. Perhaps they think their way is better, or that your way isn’t good enough.

We literally can’t do everything that others think we should, and I mean in life, in our minds, and even down to the things within our home. I’m not saying to disregard others and their thoughts. There’s good stuff to be had with others and our relationships. In the context in which I’m writing- some mean well, while some- it goes deeper with their own issues and struggles. But it’s really not our place to say..... Take what works and leave the rest. Learning who we truly are and how we work is so important to help us keep a decent level of peace. We are still human and may lose our cool, especially during those challenges as they occur. But it’s a learning process. In those times, we are learning. We are growing. We can listen to that inner voice that will tell us how to handle things in a more healthy way next time.Don’t listen to the voices of the world telling you who you are and are not. Remember you’re a child of God.

You are good enough. You are strong in Him, and when you feel weak, HE is strong.You are enough where you are.

Learn to listen to that small still voice and not everyone else, and you won’t go wrong.

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