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Getting Right

When we are not right with ourselves and with God, we truly feel it in so many ways.

If we begin to get off track, the same thing happens.

We may feel a little anxious or depressed, or we may feel a sense of loss.

We don't have to stay there, folks. I've been there, and we can bounce back. When we start to move in the direction that is right, we will feel it... we begin to feel contentment even through frustrations.

We become more at ease in just the thought of moving in the direction in which we are meant to go.

Contentment and joy are bi-products of living right.

Sometimes we don't know how we are off track, or in what area is off in our lives, but if we ask God, He will show us.

Sometimes it's in the "little things" we do or don't do throughout the day, how we think or speak, or sometimes are actions are just out of alignment with what we know is right.

We also sometimes just know what it is, but we avoid it. Humans tend to resist change, and we're good at fighting it. We may even try to cover it up with unhealthy coping mechanisms.

But in living life according to your purpose, and in God's will, you feel inner peace.

You will just know it's right.

And it's alright, and all right!

Please feel free to share, and enjoy your evening! May you feel God's presence as you drift to sleep, and may you remember that He has you in His hands...

The photo is from the sunrise at Old Orchard Beach in Maine.

I do sell prints, so please message me at email: desha@desha.online

Size is 16x9.

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